Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kulfy?

Kulfy is a vernacular GIF/video clip sharing platform - use it to quickly create, search and share GIFs & clips from your favorite internet videos in your language. Our content is made to help you communicate & express yourselves better online. Our unique language based search engine helps surface the best content in your language so you can quickly find and share the most relevant content. We also work with content creators and brands to create and promote their original video clip content.

How can I add a GIF/Clip to Kulfy?

You will need to register for an account with Kulfy before you can begin creating new GIFs/Clips. Once registered, click the " New Kulfy" p on the top of the page and paste the link to your video. Once created, your GIF/Clip will be available to be shared everywhere on the internet.

How to Find a GIF/clip You Want?

Find the GIF or a short clip you are looking for by searching for a term or set of terms in the search bar at the top of kulfyapp.com or our apps. We automatically return results based on the relevance of the term you searched. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, add some more specific terms to the end of your search. You can always create a GIF or a clip that you are looking for using our GIF creator.

How to Favorite GIFs or Short clips?

Kulfy lets you save all the GIFs or short clips you can’t live without in one convenient place! Delete that folder full of GIF files in the trash, and upgrade to using Kulfy Favorites!
Make sure you're signed into your Kulfy account. You can either hit Log In on the top right hand on the screen or just click Favorites on the Nav Bar to access your Favorites. If you're not signed in, you'll be prompted to do so.
Once you’re logged in, go to any GIF or a clip. Did you notice the Heart icon in the right corner? When you click that icon, the GIF will be automatically added to your list of favorite GIFs!
Tired of a GIF? You can deselect that same Heart icon again to remove it from your list.
Go to your Profile on mobile, to see all your awesome GIFs and clips. Your favorites appear everywhere you are logged in, so if you favorite something you can easily share it to your friends later without having to search again.

Why create a Kulfy account?

Creating a Kulfy account is free and will allow you to create GIFs/Clips and save your favorites to one list so they are easy to find and share. Kulfy GIFs & Clips play on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Medium, Pinterest, Tumblr and can even be uploaded to Instagram and Snapchat! To create an account, visit kulfy.com/signup.

What does "video unavailable" mean?

There’s a few possibilities for seeing this message. The first is that the video could be restricted in your country/region by the content provider supplying the content. Another possible reason is that the video was requested to be removed for copyright infringement by the rights holder (see our DMCA policy). And lastly, it could be because of a technical issue; this could range from scheduled maintenance, unplanned downtime, or even a slow connection.

How do I get my brand/company officially setup on Kulfy?

We would love to promote you as an official Kulfy partner which includes a brand channel featuring your best content where our users can quickly find and share your official Kulfys. To get in touch with us about setting up your brand channel, please contact us at partnerships@kulfyapp.com.

How can I delete a GIF/Clip I created?

If you would like to remove a you posted, please write us at namaste@kulfyapp.com and include the link to your GIF or Clip.

What Kulfys can't I create?

You can't create anything that violates our Terms of Service.

I found a GIF/Clip with the wrong source URL, can you change it?

Definitely. We want our Kulfys to always link back to the proper source. If you've found a GIF/Clip that is not attributing the proper source, please reach out to us at editor@kulfyapp.com with the GIF/Clip URL and the link to the correct original source URL.

There's a GIF/Clip on your site with the wrong tag -- can you fix it?

Of course. When Kulfys aren't tagged correctly, it creates a bad experience for users. We'd love your help - if you find a Kulfy that's been tagged incorrectly, please email us at editor@kulfyapp.com with the Kulfy URL and the corrections.

I create original content on YouTube, Vine, Instagram and Twitch, how can I get the most out of Kulfy?

If you have a large following on another network and want to use Kulfy to help promote your creative, drop us an intro at creators@kulfyapp.com.

How can I get Kulfy's content into my app/site/product?

We have a developer API for that. Tell us about your product and we can set you up with an API Key and documentation for a super simple integration - hit us up at api@kulfyapp.com.