19th October 2019

How to use Sarileru Neekevaru GIF's on Twitter?

In December, Kulfy announced that it partnered with Tenor/Google to bring Telugu GIFs to over 20,000 apps serving our local content to global platforms.

AK Entertainments partnered with Kulfy App to promote the Sarileru Neekevvaru movie using GIFs & stickers on chat platforms such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, G-board etc.,

This blog is for Twitter users who want to express their love towards Mahesh and Sarileru Neekevaru movie GIFs in commets and post.

Steps to use Sarileru Neekevaru GIFs in Twitter comments

Click on GIF icon in the comments section

Click on GIF icon

Click on Twitter default GIF search box and search for "Sarileru neekevaru" keyword


We brought you HD GIFs with are tagged in Telugu language.

Scroll through search results to find your favorite GIF


Express yourself on Twitter with Sarileru Neekevaru dialogues, expressions and lyrical songs.


You can also find more GIFs & stickers at: https://kulfyapp.com/movie/sarileru-neekevvaru